Moving Forward Counseling & Consulting, PLLC

Narrative Therapy and Hypnotherapy

It's time to take your life  UNDER CONTROL

Many of us receive messages in childhood that hold us back when we become adults. Have you ever wanted to make changes in your life and felt as if you were stuck, unable to move forward? My counseling services can help you make the positive changes that you desire. Call for a free initial consultation. 208-830-3157 

Life Options

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Life can be difficult at times and sometimes thinking can get bogged down by outside influences, bringing forward movement to a halt. My counseling services help you redirect your thoughts and energy to help you break out of the rut and move forward.

Stress Relief

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Stress not only interferes with your ability to process information and affects your physical health, but can also cause emotions to radically fluctuate, which alters your sense of stability. My counseling services help you learn to regulate your emotions using stress relieving technique

Goal Attainment

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If you have goals for changing your life and have been unable to attain them, you may benefit from a form of hypnotherapy that can help you move forward by addressing the subconscious beliefs that may be interfering with your goal attainment.

Want to know more about  Psychology?

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my work and experience includes application of psychology, but also considers a person's unique environment, specific measures of empowerment, and strength-based techniques to help improve an individual's quality of life.

Learn how to relax into new positive habits by identifying limiting thoughts which you have in your subconscience.   

Increase your ability to maintain positive relationships in your life by examining your own thought processes.