Moving Forward Counseling & Consulting

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Lifespan Integration, Movement Therapy

At Moving Forward Counseling and Consulting, focus is placed on services that offer the highest degree of success in addressing the mental and emotional issues that are obstructing client's path to healthy and stable enjoyment of life.


Brief Therapy is a goal, but each individual responds differently to therapeutic techniques, in their own measure of time. Client and therapist will work together in partnership for the best possible outcome. The critical objective is reached when the client feels that they have achieved a stable level of mental wellbeing. Clients are always welcomed back for support in handling new stressful events or overwhelming emotions.


Use of Lifespan Integration, as a possible treatment modality, continues to produce amazing results for clients. Taking clients through a protocol using a lifelong timeline allows clients to briefly experience former life events and integrate them all into an ego state that works in their lives today. This process allows clients to create quality of life.


Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer your questions.


Jane Colton, LCSW, ACADC