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Client Testimonials

This is what former clients have to say:

Jane has been an incredible influence in my life. She has coached my thinking and behaviors that have led me to tremendous successes in my life. Jane is someone whom I trust implicitly and count on to assist me in or out of any situation. She is free from judgment and is compassionate and understanding regardless of the circumstance. I recommend Jane to anyone who would like to achieve serenity and joy as their predominant feeling in daily life. - Andrew R.

and here's another...

I was a client of a counseling service which provided outpatient substance abuse therapy. Jane was one of my counselors and I'm very impressed with her knowledge and ability to really portray the reality of addiction and the coping mechanisms required to overcome addiction. She is empathetic but remains completely therapeutic. I am forever grateful for her professional performance and how it has changed my life for the better. - Eric M.

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